Gideon & Sebastian

John the Swamp Dude

John started in the Halloween special, but quickly took on a life all his own. Since his debut, PLB has published two issues devoted to their swamp hero, with more currently on the way.

John The Swamp Dude: Who Killed Mobie Graye #1 (one-shot)
This self-contained story finds John and his best friend Bobby Zhub Zhub on the trail of the murderer of their old mentor and beloved village council member, Mobie Graye. As they embark upon their quest to bring Mobie’s killer to justice, they quickly find the path to be a perilous one, brimming with danger, surprises, twists and turns.

John the Swamp Dude: The Last Outpost #1 (1 of 4)
Taking place 2 months after the events of the “Who Killed Mobie Graye?” book, John is still mourning the loss of his mentor Mobie Graye. Slow rippling changes have started to take place in the southern region surrounding his village, and a truce with the Xyidtes has begun to form. But there is a new danger on the horizon. Unstoppable monsters from the northern mountains threaten to destroy the Swamp people, the Xyidtes, and anyone else in their path. Now, John, Bobby and their new allies will be tested, because death is coming for them all, and there will be no prisoners taken.