The Fall

The Fall

Driven by a poetic and harsh desire for vengeance, the masked vigilante known only as The Fall carves a bloody swath through the criminal underworld of a city plagued by evil and corruption. His dramatic and bloody actions do not go unnoticed; police investigate a seemingly dead-end case of a masked vigilante while the powerful and mysterious leader of the city's crime syndicate wants to put a stop to the man interfering in his operations- permanently. As the body count rises, the opposing forces of good and evil are left with a burning question: who is The Fall?

The Fall was originally created by Mathew and Josh to be a villain for an older hero they were hoping to re-introduce to the PLB Universe. They wanted to create a character that would be an equal match for a hero that had relatively minor enhanced abilities. They decided that the villain would be absolutely powerless, instead relying upon his fighting and use of firearms. Mathew and Josh crafted an outfit that has become familiar PLB attire: a long, trench coat and black boots. Mathew created the distinctive billowing mask worn by The Fall, attempting to combine the visceral impact of both a ghost and a skull.

But there was a problem; they liked the villain far too much. Mathew couldn't stop drawing him-he just looked too damned cool to just be a villain. In an executive decision, Josh and Mathew nixed the villain idea, and decided that the character would instead become a crusader for justice. Struggling for a name, the duo discussed how the character would be a myth, a shadow, a merciless, untouchable "ghost" that would slowly destroy the organized crime empire of our quasi-fictitious city. All empires must fall. And, with that thought, the name seemed obvious.

Many interesting realizations about the character's personality have come to light. Probably the most important decision was to keep the identity of The Fall a mystery-even to the PLB crew. They have no idea who he is, and they intend to keep it that way. The reason? The Fall is, simply, an avenging force of justice, merciless and unwavering. He unleashes vengeance on those who would harm the innocent and destroy what little good is left in the city. He is able to do all the things normal people are unable to do: he delivers justice in all our names. He could be anyone: your brother, husband, son, next-door neighbor, or gas station manager. Guessing about who The Fall could be under the mask is one of the things that make him so intriguing.

The Fall first appears in the City of Blood arc in the first three issues of PLB Comics Presents. Since then The Fall has been spun out into his own series, The Fall: Vengeance & Justice. This ongoing anthology style title has seen artistic contributions from artists and writers all over the world and continues to grow and evolve as new issues are released.